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While I Sleep

A few days back I was coming back from an errand. Nothing much, just by the next two streets. I walked back home in a looming silence. As I held the door handle, I found myself confused. How did I get here?

Don't get me wrong, I remembered walking. I remembered the steps taken. I just was not the one taking them. Know why? I was not there. That walk, though short, hosted a lot of events. I was carrying a child and cooing along to calm her. She was beautiful. I was a child carried and I was cooed by someone who looked just like me. I swapped between the child and the mother almost a thousand time before I reached my door.

Sometimes I wonder. Am I the child or the mother? This child and mother fantasy swap has been a bother for years. They did not manifest today. It started with my fascination for children. I still stand by my earliest assessment that they are the most beautiful creations in the world. Then I started to get fascinated by the mother, started a few tales about th…

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